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Highnam Under Fives

We are a highly qualified group of staff supported by a committee of dedicated parents who help us manage Highnam Under Fives. We opened in the 1970s and we operate from a classroom inHighnam CofE Primary Academy, which is situated in the residential area of Highnam. The children have their own enclosed outside area and have the use of the school hall and grounds.


All play and activities are appropriate to the age and development of each child, in order to positively develop their self-image. We operate a free flow system so children can play inside or outside. Although some activities are planned by the staff, the children also help in the planning.

PAINTING AND DRAWING: Children paint freely, choose their own colour and are not limited in the number of paintings they produce.

WATER: The children find this fascinating (don’t worry, they are asked to
wear their aprons). Play can be experimental; studying what water does when it is poured, splashed.

SAND: Dry sand, like water, is soothing. Wet sand can be moulded and controlled.

BOOKS: Books with stories and pictures that the children will understand and enjoy are available to look at and handle, and for adults to read and talk about.

MUSIC: Everyday sounds are a vital part of a young child’s world, and he/she is encouraged to explore sounds, to listen and to experiment.

DOUGH: Playing with dough or similar materials can be a group activity or enjoyed by a child on his/her own.

JUNK AND COLLAGE: Cutting and gluing activities may be messy, but they give the children the opportunity to experiment. They learn about shapes, textures and colours

COOKING: The children are encouraged to make their own snacks and items to take home.

PHYSICAL PLAY: We provide an environment in which children’s physical
needs may be extended. We have indoor and outdoor play

HOME CORNER: Role playplay develops imaginative play and encourages independence. The Home Corner’s theme is changed regularly and encompasses a wide variety of situations. Past themes have included Bob the Builder’s Office, a Fire Station and a Hospital and a salon.

CO-ORDINATION: Activities to improve co-ordination include playing with jigsaws, construction sets, small world models and riding on toys.

ofsted-logoHighnam Under Five’s last Ofsted inspection led us to receive an ‘Good’ report, which is available to view and download via Ofsted’s website.